Pregnancy Support

We offer free pregnancy tests and confidential support. If you are pregnant, our peer counselors will guide you through the options and decision making process in a compassionate, supportive, non-judgmental manner. Not pregnant and don't want to be? We will help you take practical steps to avoid future pregnancies.

Pregnancy Options Consultations

Our compassionate staff are here for you and can help you understand your choices and your pregnancy. We offer evidence-based information as well as opportunities for you to get answers to your questions. Regardless of a woman's decision concerning her pregnancy, The Pregnancy Resource Center offers confidential peer counseling, emotional and material support, and personal care beyond the woman's choice.

Baby Care & Parenting Education

Raising a child is a big responsibility and lots of hard work. Let us help you sort through the many facets of child rearing with our classes that address child development and effective parenting skills. From breastfeeding to child behavior challenges, we can help and support you through your parenting journey.

Life Skills Education

Navigating our world can be challenging and complicated. We offer support and training for life skills such as goal setting, financial planning, and finding employment. Our partnership with local programs and organizations will help you get plugged in to our community and find support and training for every step of your journey.

Building Healthy Relationships Education

When your relationships are healthy and strong, you make better decisions for yourself and those around you. Our center offers several courses to help you build, repair and maintain healthy relationships. Learn to communicate well and forgive and heal from past hurts. We are here to help you find effective ways to build strong relationships that will lead to a healthier you.

Post Abortion Support

It is normal to grieve a pregnancy loss, including the loss of a child by abortion. We offer post abortion counseling and support for those struggling with Post Abortion Stress Syndrome (PASS).

Material Assistance

Our material assistance program helps to ease the costs of childbearing by offering free clothing, equipment, and essential baby items. Click the link below for full details!

Spiritual Support

There are many parts that make up who we are and what we will become. We are physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual beings. We can help you discover and learn more about your spiritual side and how that affects the choices you make in life.